We are not a rich family, we are not a poor family, we are somewhere in between. We are not perfect, none of us are perfect. The only perfectness is God. Sometimes negative and positive things happen in our lives, like a roller coaster it has its ups and downs. This time it was my turn and lessons are learned. I had been skeptical about lawyers because of the poor representation I had in the past. However, from some higher power you were put in my path to help level the roller coaster. I thank you and your staff for the support and diligence presenting my case. If anyone ever asks me for advice and where they can receive fair and honest lawyer representation, I would not hesitate to proudly say; Mark T. Davis is your man. Again, thank you so much.

– Tony, El Paso, Texas

I am an over the road truck driver and I was worried when I needed a family law attorney because I didn’t know how I would find a good one in a city where I knew almost no one. I contacted Mark T. Davis and he handled my case in a town about 100 miles outside of El Paso. I was really worried until I saw him in court. Within minutes I could see his courtroom domination. I knew everything was going to be fine. Who knows what would have happened if Mark T. Davis wasn’t in my corner. I am happy that I found him.

– Michael Barry, Balmorhea, Texas

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a stopped police vehicle after leaving a bar on a Friday night. After being arrested and charged with DUI, I feared that life as I knew it would never be the same. I contacted several attorneys fully intending to meet with several before entrusting my future to someone. As luck would have it, Mark Davis was the first attorney I met with. After spending 10 minutes with Mr. Davis my instincts told me that this was the man I would want to represent me. By the end of a half hour I was convinced. It’s the best decision I ever made. He looked at the facts of my case, accessed the situation, then spelled out plainly and succinctly what he felt were the best case, worse case, and most probable outcomes. I was impressed with his knowledge of the effects that alcohol has on the body and historical case law. However, it was his extensive knowledge of local law enforcement practices and procedures that most impressed me. After hearing my version of events and comparing that to what was described in the written arrest reports, he recognized that the police reports, as written, were simply strung together “cookie cutter” phrases designed to get a conviction that did nothing to accurately describe the actual events of the accident and the arrest. It was not a short process, but in the end, my case was dismissed and I was able to continue my life. Words cannot express the gratitude I owe to Mr. Davis and his staff. Whenever I called to inquire about the status of my case, the people there always knew exactly who I was and made me feel like a person, not simply a case or file number. I’m confident that every recommendation given was made with the sincere goal of reaching the best possible outcome for me, not what was most expeditious or profitable for the law firm. Mark Davis is one of the most passionate and dedicated attorneys I have ever met. There is no one I could recommend more highly to defend someone for a DUI arrest than Mark T. Davis.

– Colonel, U.S. Army

I needed a family law attorney who would fight for my father’s rights. After searching the internet, the only attorney that came up time and time again was Mark T. Davis. I contacted Mark T. Davis when a custody battle erupted in El Paso. Just the cost of travel from St. Louis to El Paso was going to prejudice my case. Mr. Davis took the time to plan out a strategy that I followed from beginning to end and won custody of my daughter. I could not have found a better attorney who knows how to get the right results!

– Sean Peeler, St. Louis

When I found myself fighting for custody I found Mark T. Davis. He brought all the resources together to make for a win, the expert witnesses, fact witnesses and the legal research. It was a pleasure to watch him work in court because when I saw his command of the courtroom I didn’t worry anymore. I knew I was going to win.

– Esmeralda Maese – Love, Germany

When I needed a lawyer in El Paso I became very concerned that it would be difficult or impossible to find one that would pay attention to my case, knowing that I was on the other side of the world. What I found in Mark Davis and his staff was a commitment to me and my case that didn’t require me to monitor or check up on them. They took the case and they were contacting me. Mark T. Davis had good ideas and strategies to get things in order again for me. I would recommend Mark T. Davis to anyone, anytime. He did everything he said he would.

– Guy Gaswint, Afghanistan

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