Real Estate Representation

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Owning a home is every American’s dream. The big yard, the white picket fence and a car in the garage. If you go into homebuying unprepared, however, there can be numerous pitfalls that will keep you from the use and enjoyment of the property you worked so hard to purchase. A good real estate attorney can help you proactively plan for eventualities good and bad.

At Mark T. Davis Attorney At Law, we have been assisting clients with a variety of legal matters since 1993. Proactive, professional representation is what we offer to our clients. If you require assistance drafting plans or agreements regarding the use of your real estate, contact our law office online or call 915-493-8441 to schedule a consultation.

Tackling Problems Before They Happen Through Contract Drafting

Real estate issues can come in all shapes and sizes. We can assist you in drafting agreements on almost any future eventuality, including:

  • Restrictive covenants
  • Prohibitive clauses
  • Loan drafting
  • Property division
  • Lease contract negotiation
  • Purchase agreements

Real Estate Litigation

In addition to drafting, we have experience in helping clients litigate boundary disputes and claims of adverse possession.

Boundary disputes can occur any time someone builds or uses land that belongs to someone else. We will find the appropriate boundary line, then assist you in negotiating an agreement whereby whatever is encroaching on the property line is either removed, an easement is agreed or a pro-rated purchase of property is made. The purchase may be necessary if there is a permanent structure build over the property line.

Adverse possession is a very old doctrine which states that unimproved land can be acquired by someone who makes improvements to it, stays there for a specified period of time (three to 25 years in Texas) without leaving and the owner knows about the trespass and does nothing. After the specified period of time, the person occupying the land can sue to quiet title.

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