Is Your El Paso Or San Antonio Business Accused Of A TABC Violation?

Bar owners depend on their alcohol licenses. When those licenses are threatened by the actions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), entire businesses are threatened. If you are a bar or restaurant owner facing a TABC violation, you need the assistance of a lawyer who has experience in these complex matters.

Our founding attorney Mark T. Davis formed the El Paso Bar Owners Association in 2004. This organization is dedicated to protecting the rights of bar owners. Our association has protected those rights not only in the courtroom, but also by fighting and stopping legislation that could have harmed the industry. For example, we fought legislation to allow sobriety checkpoints in Texas. We continue to be active members and lead counsel for this organization. Needless to say, we are experienced in this unique area of the law and committed to protecting business owners’ rights.

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Strong Defense Strategies Against All TABC Violations

Even well-respected and reputable bar owners who have every good intention can find themselves facing a violation of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

Common violations issued include:

  • Subterfuge
  • Serving an intoxicated person
  • Serving a minor
  • Failure to report a breach of the peace

Citations are not only costly, but also put licenses in jeopardy. Far too often, TABC citations result in the loss of mixed beverage licenses, late hours permits and cartage permits. Any bar owner or restaurateur knows that the revocation of licenses and permits can deal a deadly blow to an operation.

You can and should contest these violations. We are here to help you defend your business and protect your rights as a business owner.

TABC Hearings

Defending against TABC violations is not the same as defending against a crime. These cases are heard before a judge at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). Skillful preparation for these cases is crucial because options for appealing are extremely limited by a narrow time frame.

We take great care to thoroughly prepare a case that is designed to win, knowing this hearing may be the only place to do so.

Your TABC hearing may be your only opportunity to protect the future of your business. We have earned an impressive record of helping bar owners defend against these violations.

Learn More About How I Can Help Your Business

Timing is critical when facing a TABC violation. We would like to begin investigating your case and preparing for your hearing as soon as possible. Call us at 915-493-8441, toll free at Call, or send our office an email to schedule a consultation with an experienced Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission violation attorney today. Services are available in English and español.