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Texas Military Family Law Lawyer

Every divorce is unique. In some cases, it is one spouse’s occupation that makes it unique. This is certainly true when one spouse is a member of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. In order to successfully handle the unique aspects of a military divorce, an attorney must have experience and knowledge of the issues that make these cases unique, particularly when it comes to property division, child support and child custody.

I am attorney Mark T. Davis. Having handled divorces since 1993, I am very familiar with the unique aspects of military divorce. I can help members of the military and their spouses achieve a fair outcome.

Child Custody And Visitation In Military Divorce

In the average divorce case, parents stay close to each other. If there is a move away, it is often because the parent has chosen to do so. Members of the military, however, are frequently transferred or sent overseas to serve their country, making traditional child custody arrangements impossible. I take care to see that arrangements are made that are in the best interests of the children, working creatively to overcome geographic limitations when necessary.

Property Division In Military Divorce

Military pensions and retirement funds are subject to division during the divorce process. I will make certain that the division of this unique asset is handled with care to achieve a fair outcome. I understand that you want to come out of your divorce with your fair share, and I will work hard to make certain that is the outcome.

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