Divorce In San Antonio

Every single divorce is a difficult personal situation, to say nothing of the legal side of the problem. Divorces happen every single day for a variety of reasons, and that’s true here in San Antonio and across Texas. People facing a divorce need help, and that’s why we’re here.

At , our team of attorneys has helped clients deal with the difficulties of divorce since 1993. Our dedication, attention to detail and trial-tested experience means we can offer you fast, strong representation. We work on every case as if it were going to trial, and that’s an effective way to handle even the most amicable of divorces.

Your Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be A Fight

One of the biggest worries a person heading into divorce proceedings may have is the potential for a chaotic, protracted legal battle. That is one of the worst-case scenarios for people, and it does happen. However our team is skilled at both litigation and negotiation, but most of all, we listen to our clients and do what we can to pursue their goals on their terms.

Our strength and reputation for aggressiveness can go a long way to defusing potential areas of dispute. We know how to secure a favorable outcome for you in your divorce, and we are not afraid to go the distance if that’s necessary.

Property Division Is A Major Challenge

Aside from child-centered issues such as custody or any potential spousal support, property division is the biggest and most expensive aspect of your divorce. One significant difficulty that you may face is the community property laws of Texas. Under community property, you and your ex own an equal portion of the assets and debts of your marital estate.

There are often intense fights over such assets as small businesses, retirement accounts and investments. As skilled trial attorneys, we can advocate for your fair share of the estate and pursue an asset division agreement that you can accept.

Toughness When You Need It

We promise each client the strength and dedication they need to be successful in divorce. From San Antonio to El Paso, we are known for our detail-oriented, thorough service. We’re on your side from the beginning to the very end. Call today to learn how we can help you at , or send us an email.