Probate And Estate Planning Lawyers In San Antonio

Do you have an estate plan? Maybe you do, or perhaps you just have some ideas about how you’d like your estate to be handled after you pass. Maybe you’ve had a lot of discussions. Unless you’ve sat down with an attorney and crafted an estate plan, all your wishes for your possessions will not make a difference, but there is still time.

At , we are dedicated, personable estate planning attorneys who work hard for people in San Antonio. Many of our clients may not think that they have enough to bother with an estate plan, but everyone in Texas can benefit from estate planning services. It’s a process that helps you set real legal guardrails for your family.

What Makes Up An Estate Plan?

An estate plan is not one document. It is several documents compiled together to fulfill your wishes for your family and assets. Your estate plan may include:

  • A will
  • Trust documents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Advanced medical directives

Depending on your goals, you may have more or fewer documents with specific goals. The point of setting up your estate plan is ensuring what you want to happen with your assets and family has the best chance of happening.

Dealing With Probate

A strong estate plan can make your family’s probate struggles much easier. However, that’s never a guarantee, and if probate does become a problem, we can take action. Many families facing difficult probate struggles turn to us because we’ve demonstrated skill and toughness in and around the San Antonio area in a variety of areas.

On Your Side. Protecting Your Legacy

Whether you need assistance with an estate plan or if you are in the middle of a probate issue, we can help you. We understand the law in Texas and have the experience and skills to help you get through it. Call today at 915-493-8441 to learn more, or send an email for a free consultation.