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Establishing the parentage of a child is important for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is to settle the legal status of paternity for the good of the child and his or her care. The second reason is to either claim or dispute your status as a father. If you find yourself involved in a paternity case, you need sound legal advice and effective representation.

We represent clients in a number of family law matters, including paternity actions. If you are a father seeking to confirm or deny parentage, we are ready to help. Contact our law office online or call 915-493-8441 to schedule a consultation.

Establishing Paternity In Texas

In Texas, a child born to unmarried parents has no legal father. Obviously, the child has a biological father; if the biological father is unknown or in dispute, the parentage remains unsettled. When the child’s parents complete an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) to establish a legal presumption of fatherhood.

Beyond the simple fact that a child who knows who his parents are is likely to have better mental health than one who does not, some reasons for establishing paternity include:

  • Courts cannot order a father to pay child support until paternity is established
  • The father cannot enforce his right to visitation or custody of the child until paternity is established
  • The father may be able to provide health insurance, or other benefits, for the child that would be unavailable without established paternity

What Can A Paternity Attorney Do For Me?

The process for acknowledging parentage is easy, just sign the form with the child’s mother at the hospital when the child is born or mail it in after the fact. When a father wishes to deny parentage or a mother denies that someone is the father, the situation becomes less simple. At this point, you should contact an experienced Texas paternity lawyer who can guide you through the process and give you sound, independent legal advice.

Our method is always to plan for the worst and prepare for the best; we will attempt to settle the dispute with the least acrimony possible for the sake of the child, but if that fails, we will aggressively assert your rights in court. Good results come from a well-prepared case, and you can rely on us to provide you with excellent preparation and quality performance.

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