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Mark Davis

Texas Divorce Lawyer

If you watch lawyers going into court, you will see that many go in empty-handed. Others have a document or two in their hands, but nothing more.

I go into contested hearings with a carefully prepared trial notebook that includes every detail that might be necessary during the hearing. Not surprisingly, my clients are the ones leaving court with smiles on their faces.

Preparation Leads to Results

I am El Paso attorney Mark T. Davis, and I spend a lot of time in court because I am aggressive, tenacious and willing to fight to get the results my clients need. From the very start of every case, I prepare thoroughly. This includes divorce cases involving child custody and child support, criminal defense cases and more. I compile every detail and carefully outline a courtroom strategy, and it all goes into a trial notebook that will come with me when I go to court.

In most cases, this preparation makes trial unnecessary. Opposing attorneys see the work I've done, see how strong and well prepared my case is, and they back down. They would prefer to come to an agreement instead of risking a loss in the courtroom.

Even in uncontested matters, such as drafting wills and business acquisition brokering, preparation is important. By making certain that no detail is overlooked, I am able to provide my clients with an outcome they can be confident in and happy with

Providing Results Since 1993

My law office provides results in a wide range of practice areas, including family law and divorce, criminal defense and foreclosure defense, as well as bar, night-club and other business representation, and much more. Whether you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges or you are trying to stop home foreclosure, I will work hard to protect your rights. Since 1993, I have provided results for many clients. For more insight into just how hard I work to make every case a success, you can read testimonials from some of those clients.

Find Out How I Can Help You

Call me at 915-603-5863 or send me an e-mail to schedule a consultation with an experienced El Paso family law attorney. Services are available in English and español and I serve clients throughout El Paso County.

Call me at 915-603-5863 or contact my law firm online to schedule a consultation with an experienced El Paso attorney. Services are available in English and Español, and I serve clients throughout El Paso County.