Protecting The Rights Of Those Accused Of Drunk Driving

We have been defending against DWI charges for nearly 20 years, and we are frustrated by the attitudes of law enforcement. In the first place, the United States Constitution prohibits police from making unreasonable searches and seizures. In ordinary language, this means that Americans are a free people and the police cannot stop people just because they feel like checking them. The police must first have a reasonable suspicion that the driver is violating some criminal law, including traffic laws. In El Paso, police arrest people for refusing to take a breath test. That tramples on their rights and is not based on the law.

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Over and over, we read police reports that have the same droning language: “red and bloodshot eyes,” “slurred speech,” “strong odor of unknown alcoholic beverage about the breath and person.” These words are not designed to obtain a just result; they are designed to get a conviction based on false allegations. Yet when we investigate our clients’ cases, we often find video evidence showing that they never slurred a single word. Photos taken at the time of arrest show their eyes to be clear and bright, and when we cross-examine police officers during the trial, they can’t tell us what part of the “person” the odor was coming from. We believe that it is wrong to turn ordinary people into criminals, and that is why we aggressively defend against DWI charges.

El Paso County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

There is no doubt that it takes an aggressive defense to get fair results in DWI cases. It takes research of each individual case, cutting cross-examination, diligence and awareness of what the police do to deceive juries. When police enter the time of stop in police reports, they often put the time they finish the stop. That way it appears that the individual was out late, when they would have been in bed long before had they not been stopped. We look for and recognize these deceptions so that the truth can and will come out for our clients.

At our law firm, we are doing good things for the right reasons. We do the right thing in a professional manner so that the jury will understand the real truth. If you expect to be treated fairly at the courthouse, you need someone who is really on your side and really understands DWI laws. Some of the things we will examine include:

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