El Paso Texas Family Law Lawyer

Texas Family Law Lawyer

As an El Paso, Texas, family law attorney, I’ve been pleased to help many individuals as they struggle during the difficult period of divorce, and to help others through the joyous occasion of adoption. My philosophy toward the practice of family law is that a proactive approach works well for a great many clients. I act as my clients’ advocate, and work diligently to get the best results possible. Good results come from a well-prepared case, which means that the financial statements are organized, the strategies are planned, the options have all been discussed, and the case is ready to go before the case appears on the docket. On this website, I’ve provided the answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding family law and divorce.

El Paso Divorce Attorney

The common types of issues I see as a family law lawyer serving clients in El Paso, Texas, and surrounding communities are these: alimony, spousal support, divorce, child support, custody, visitation, paternity, juvenile law, truancy, mediation and prenuptial agreements. I’ve also had the occasion to work for a father’s right to custody and visitation, defense of contempt charges or violated court orders. Some areas of family law venture into the area of criminal law such as temporary restraining orders (TRO), protective orders, neglect and instances of family violence. I have represented my family law clients in criminal court as well as in family court.

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Special Report: Interference with child custody not enforced in Texas