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El Paso Divorce Lawyer

Ending a marriage is never an easy decision. Accepting that your marriage is ending is even worse. What you need is sound legal advice and aggressive representation in settlement negotiations and in front of the judge. You need preparation that leads to results.

I am El Paso divorce attorney Mark T. Davis, and I represent clients in a wide variety of family law matters. If you are in need of good advice and quality representation, contact my law office online or call 915-603-5863 to schedule a consultation.

I am proud to number veterans and active servicemembers among my clients. If you are a member of the military or of a military family going through a divorce, I can help you.

Protecting Your Rights and Taking Your Side

Divorce is an emotional time, and there are occasions where the parties involved cannot find it in themselves to act rationally. Just like in the movies, after the split has happened former spouses may find themselves arguing over property they do not want and never even liked to begin with.

Times like this require cool-headed and independent counsel and representation. My method is always to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If we can manage to craft an agreement that avoids the courts, it will save everyone time, stress and money. If not, I have been a trial lawyer since 1993 and will aggressively represent you at trial.

Texas Spousal Support Changes

2011 saw big changes to the alimony laws in Texas. Previously, the restrictive spousal maintenance requirements included a requirement that the marriage last at least 10 years and the maximum length of maintenance could not exceed three years.

Under the new law, the maximum support payment is higher and there have been adjustments to the formula for determining the duration of the alimony. A court may not order maintenance for more than:

  • Five years if the spouses were married less than 10 years and there was family violence against the spouse requesting maintenance, or the marriage lasted between 10 and 20 years
  • Seven years if the spouses were married between 20 and 30 years
  • 10 years if the spouses were married for more than 30 years

The new law maintains the need-based character of the old law, meaning that a requesting spouse must show an actual need for support after divorce, or have been a victim of family violence within the last two years. I have studied the development of the law carefully, and can help you determine what you may be required to pay or entitled to receive in spousal maintenance.

Full Service Family Law: Divorce, Mediation, Child Custody and More

The end of a marriage can be just the beginning for your family law needs. Agreeing to a divorce decree is just the first job. I offer a full suite of family law services, including:

In addition to civil court, I represent clients who have had their family law issues spill over into criminal court. Examples include defense against contempt charges, violated court orders, temporary restraining orders (TRO), protective orders, neglect and instances of family violence. I also have experience in juvenile law, including truancy.

Contact My El Paso Office Today

Call me at 915-603-5863 or contact my law firm online to schedule a consultation with an experienced El Paso divorce attorney. Services are available in English and español, and I serve clients throughout El Paso County.

What my clients are saying:
  • We are not a rich family, we are not a poor family, we are somewhere in between. We are not perfect, none of us are perfect. The only perfectness is God. Sometimes negative and positive things happen in our lives, like a rollercoaster it has its ups and downs. This time it was my turn and ...
  • I am an over the road truck driver and I was worried when I needed a family law attorney because I didn't know how I would find a good one in a city where I knew almost no one. I contacted Mark T. Davis and he handled my case in a town about 100 miles outside ...
  • I was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a stopped police vehicle after leaving a bar on a Friday night. After being arrested and charged with DUI, I feared that life as I knew it would never be the same. I contacted several attorney's fully intending to meet with several ...
  • I needed a family law attorney who would fight for my father's rights. After searching the internet, the only attorney that came up time and time again was Mark T. Davis. I contacted Mark T. Davis when a custody battle erupted in El Paso. Just the cost of travel from St. Louis to ...
  • When I found myself fighting for custody I found Mark T. Davis. He brought all the resources together to make for a win, the expert witnesses, fact witnesses and the legal research. It was a pleasure to watch him work in court because when I saw his command of the courtroom ...
  • When I needed a lawyer in El Paso I became very concerned that it would be difficult or impossible to find one that would pay attention to my case, knowing that I was on the other side of the world. What I found in Mark Davis and his staff was a commitment to me and my case that didn't ...

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